a few words about me

Programmer, Traveler, and Cloud-Native Enthusiast

Ilya Verbitskiy

As a software engineer and software development manager in the banking, finance, and e-commerce sectors, I gained more than ten years of experience in leading the development of complex software in teams, large and small. Before starting my own business, I worked for several multinational companies in Europe, North America, and Southeast Asia.

I am the founder of WebStoating Pte. Ltd., an agency helping companies create and manage successful cloud-native solutions. I use the Agile approach and Lean Startup methodology to minimize time to market while paying particular attention to the security and quality of the final product. Cloud computing is my field of specific interest.


I continuously share my knowledge by speaking at user groups and conferences and contribute to open source projects.

Publications and Interviews

Do you have a Cloud-related project that needs extra help? Is your AWS bill out of control? Is it time to migrate your existing application from on-premises data centers to Cloud to improve its scalability, reliability, and security? Are you planning a SaaS product but do not know where to start?

I mainly specialize in the following:

  • Cloud-Native architecture and application development
  • AWS Account Management and Configuration to ensure your application is running 24/7
  • Cloud migrations for applications and company infrastructure using the latest AWS recommendations and best practices to minimize downtime and ensure data integrity
  • AWS Cost Optimisation
  • Developing and maintaining eCommerce solutions based on the nopCommerce platform. I am one of the first people who passed the nopCommerce Certified Developer exam.

If this sounds like something you need, let's have a chat.

WebStoating Pte. Ltd.

WebStoating Pte. Ltd. is a small team of experienced developers and cloud architects specializing in cloud-native applications development using the latest technologies and best practices. Our goal is to help define scalable, highly available, secure top-quality solutions to fit your business goals using the best tools available on the market. We believe in Agile, Lean Startup, and remote approaches.

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