Scaling up JavaScript with TypeScript @ DevFestMN 2016

A few years ago the Angular community had been surprised because Google decided to use TypeScript to build a new version of one of the most powerful JavaScript frameworks nowadays. And even more, TypeScript became the recommended language to be used to build Angular 2.0 application. It is time to learn it, isn’t it?

TypeScript is an open-source programming language designed for the development of large single-page applications. It is a strict superset of JavaScript with optional static typing and class-based object-oriented programming support.

In the following session @ DevFestMN 2016, I introduced the audience to the TypeScript programming language. I talked about classes, interfaces, modules, generics, decorators, and many other features available in the language. The following recording might be a good starting point you are starting using TypeScript.

If you are interested in learning TypeScrip deeper, I’d recommend reading the TypeScript Deep Dive book. It has a detailed language explanation, and, probably, the best TypeScript book out here.